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Safety Courses

ATT000 Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Looking Out for Number One eLearning
ATT006 Miracle on the Hudson - Prepare for Safety eLearning
BAK000 Back Safety: Posture, Mechanics, Exercise eLearning
BAK004           Back Safety: Lift Well, Live Well eLearning
BAK005 Back Safety for Material Handlers eLearning
BBP027          Bloodborne Pathogens: Take Precautions eLearning
CHE005            Chemical Handling Safety: Basic Principles eLearning
CHE006 Chemical Handling Safety: Flammables eLearning
CHE007            Chemical Handling Safety: Corrosives eLearning
COM002 Compressed Gas Safety Awareness eLearning
CSE001 Confined Space Entry eLearning
CSE002           Confined Space Entry: Permit Required eLearning
CTR001 Contractor Safety: It's Everyone's Business eLearning
DRG004 Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers eLearning
DRG005 Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse eLearning
ELE005  Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite eLearning
ELE017 Electrical Case Histories eLearning
EME013        Emergency Action Plan: Crisis Under Control eLearning
ERG008           Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body eLearning
FAD000         First Aid eLearning
FAD001            First Aid on the Job ---
FAD009 First Aid: Prepared to Help eLearning
FIR000           Fire in the Workplace eLearning
FIR004           Fire Safety: There's No Second Chance eLearning
FIR009           Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, Alive eLearning
FIR013 Fire Safety: Operating Without Fires ---
FRK011 Forklift Basics: Safe from the Start eLearning
FRK012 Forklift Maneuvers: All the Right Moves eLearning
HAN002 Hand Safety: It's in Your Hands eLearning
HAZ004 Hazard Communication: The Road to Safety eLearning
HAZ008            Hazard Communication: Your Safety Net eLearning
HEA009 Heat Stress: Don’t Lose Your Cool eLearning
HYD000        Hydrogen Sulfide eLearning
INV004 Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communications & Follow-Up eLearning
LAB003           Lab Safety: Under the Hood                          eLearning
LOT009 Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle eLearning
MAC000            Machine Guarding eLearning
MTG003 Not Just Another Meeting eLearning
MTV011 Driven to Distraction eLearning
MTV012 Before You Turn the Key eLearning
MTV022 Distracted Driving: Game Over eLearning
OFF001 Office Safety: It's a Jungle in There eLearning
OPT004 Process Operator Inspection Physics Temperature & Heat eLearning
PFP000           Personal Fall Protection: Get Arrested eLearning
PFP005 Fall Protection: The Right Connection eLearning
PPE005           Personal Protective Equipment: Win the Race to Safety eLearning
PPE007            PPE: Don't Start Work Without It eLearning
RES000 Respirator Protection eLearning
SAF011 Safety Orientation eLearning
SAF019 Hazard Awareness: Ready Day One eLearning
STF003 Slips, Trips and Falls: Taking the Right Steps eLearning
STF004 Slips, Trips and Falls: Split Second Safety eLearning
STL000 Stairways and Ladders: The First Step eLearning
WEL004            Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hotwork eLearning
WWS000            Walking and Working Surfaces eLearning

Human Resources Courses

CHG000 Finding the Up in Upheaval eLearning
CMM004 Communication Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Communication Problems eLearning
CMM028 Communication Breakdown eLearning
CRE000 Why Didn't I Think of That? II eLearning
CUS003            Customer Service: Difficult Customer ALERT eLearning
CUS009 But I Don’t Have Customers  eLearning
CUS014 Telephone Courtesy Pays Off II eLearning
CUS042 Customer Service: Who Cares? eLearning
DIV004 The Diversity Advantage: Food for Thought eLearning
IMP000 The Goal eLearning
PER011 Care and Candor: Making Performance Appraisals Work eLearning
PER012 Looking Forward: Your Performance Appraisal eLearning
POI012 Ethics Is a Competitive Advantage with Dr. Marianne Jennings eLearning
POI028 FCPA Compliance eLearning
RFP000 Respect For People eLearning
RSP001 It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette eLearning
SUP005 The Sid Story eLearning

Maintenance & Reliability Course

OPT002 OPT #2 Properties of Fluids eLearning
OPT003 OPT #3 Physical Force eLearning
MPR001 Maintenance Principles eLearning