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Forklift Fundamentals

Product Description

This programme provides all the essential knowledge required by staff new to working with forklift trucks or in an environment where they operate.

  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Power plant inspection
  • Equipment inspection
  • Profit from the advantages of our DVD products:

  • Embedded Powerpoint presentations which are easily modified to suit your own requirements;

  • Chapterised content to allow easy access to the specific content you need when you need it;

  • Valuable training tips within the included leaders guides;

  • Informative training points and bonus material for refresher or training talks;

  • A printable Leader's Guide.
  • Will teach you forklift operators how to handle the surface conditions, various loads and stability, proper load manipulation, stacking and unstacking, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

    SKU: FRK006

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