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STOP® for Healthcare

Advancing healthcare safety through creating safe people and safe patients. It's a promise to do no harm to patients and that begins with a responsibility to keep employees safe.

DuPont's Safety Training Observation Program (STOP®) will help bring this concept to life.


Safe people and safe patients. It's a simple concept. It's a promise to first do no harm to patients and begins with a responsibility to keep employees safe.

Did you know?*

  • More than 90 percent of hospitals say they have systems or programs in place for managing employee safety, yet healthcare is one of the most hazardous workplaces for employees in the United States.

  • Twenty-four percent of nurses said they had experienced unreported injuries in the previous year that required them to change shifts or take sick leave to recuperate.

  • Seventy-five percent of nurses reported that unsafe working conditions interfered with their ability to deliver quality care.

According to OSHA, hospitals with satisfied doctors and nurses have higher patient satisfaction levels.

Staff members who experience a workplace where safety is front of mind are better prepared to consistently offer safe, mindful patient care.

*Statistics from

Safety Culture Fosters Quadruple Aim Performance

In such a dynamic and fast paced environment, there is so much change to manage. Change in regulation. Change in ownership. Change in population. How can your organization achieve all of its safety and quality goals while managing all of this change?

A strong improvement in safety culture must be put into place to enhance your organization's capabilities and resiliency.

3 Keys to Improving the Culture of Safety in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Fostering a continuous improvement mindset in all employees.
  • Improving the effectiveness of communication about safety.
  • Improve motivation & awareness tactics to obtain sustainable, consistent decision making.

The New Foundation for a Reliable, Safe and Caring Culture

DuPont's STOP® for Healthcare is based on the idea that safety is everyone's responsibility. Injuries don't just affect one person. They affect many people. This is why safety counts. The objective of the program is to recognize not only unsafe acts but safe acts as well. The key to the program is that all levels of the organization participate from leadership down to the employees.

The Safety Training Observation Program is designed to help participants look at safety in a new way, so they can help themselves and their co-workers work safely.

Excellent Patient Experiences Must First be Safe Experiences

STOP® for Healthcare focuses on everyday safety by motivating staff to engage in peer-to-peer communication to enhance safe working conditions and safe actions around patients and each other.

STOP® embodies two core principles that can help frame a renewed safety culture in health care settings:

  • All injuries and work-related illnesses are preventable.
  • Everyone has an obligation and the ability to correct an unsafe situation.

For over 50 years DuPont has defined and refined safe practices in complex, high-risk industries including chemical manufacturing, aerospace, aviation and railway transportation. STOP® has been implemented and proven in these industries and is now refined for application in the complex, high-risk healthcare industry to help reduce staff injuries and enhance patient care.

There is a path to preventing all injuries and workplace illnesses. Let DuPont Sustainable Solutions and STOP® for Healthcare help guide the way.

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STOP® is a member of the DuPont portfolio of workplace safety training offerings. The award-winning STOP® series provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture, thus helping to prevent injuries and incidents.