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DSS Online Safety Perception Survey™

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A Proven Solution for Measuring Safety Culture and Identifying Risk.

Introducing the DSS Online Safety Perception Survey™, an innovative new solution that provides organizations with leading indicators to help identify areas of concern and prevent incidents before they occur. The safety culture survey allows you to proactively measure, monitor and manage your organization's safety culture. This gives you insight and helps you to take action before issues arise.

DSS Online Safety Perception Survey™

Our experience working with thousands of clients and within DSS has proven that safety culture is a leading indicator of safety performance. By understanding how your employees feel about safety, you can identify strengths and areas of concern so that you can develop action plans to prevent incidents before they occur.

With the new DSS Online Safety Perception Survey™, you can compare your safety culture results to industry benchmarks, allowing you to quickly develop insights and to apply predictive analytics for future performance improvements.

This self-service survey allows you discover the “safety conscience” within your organization and is designed to probe and uncover organizational safety culture performance issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and adversely affect your organization’s safety performance.

Easy-to-use and customizable, the Online Safety Perception Survey allows you to:

  • Measure, analyze, and chart your safety culture over time
  • Publish your results and generate detailed reports
  • Compare your results with industry benchmarks
  • Take proactive actions to manage safety issues before incidents occur.

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